Friday, July 10, 2015

Self Less

I like but don't love Tarsem Singh's films, The Fall is how artistic sci fi should be, experimental, weird and gorgeous, much better than the Cell, i dig it but not as much as everyone else does. He has tried more mainstream films but kept it weird, in particular Immortals, I wish it was weirder and the characters had been more developed but it looked cool plus the random ass end of everyone fighting in Valhalla or heaven, whatever it was, was a cool end shot. Mirror Mirror was too much like most modern fairy tales, style over substance, but Self Less i dug. It reminded me a bit of Looper but if Richard Kelly had directed it. Ryan Reynolds is engaging as he usually is and plays the role well, the mix of comedy in a sci fi film does wonders for him the past and does so here aswell.

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