Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Orange is the New Black season 3

I binge watched the first two seasons in a few weeks last year, i finally finished up season 3 the other day, the first half seemed to feel forced and lacked alot of charm however the second half kicked it up. Here is a run down of the main characters and the thoughts of their stories.

Piper kind of became the Walter White of the season(without the chops of Bryan Cranston) by starting up her own business but becoming ruthless(atleast in her own mind), plus her bridge with Stella was awesome as that character was one of the most relatable & likable(and lickable) on the show.
Alex they tried to redeem this season but over all i still find her unlikable. Her stuff with Lolly was pretty decent, but Lolly & Mei next season should add to comedic gold.
Red developed a strong story & relationship with Healy.
The becoming jewish subplot helped give more characters screen time as did Praise Norma. Soso & Poussey's friendship is the best to come from that.
Crazy Eye's being a writer was a nice touch and her mutual crush with fellow weirdo Maureen.
The prison staff debacle brought upon sympathy aswell as some decent dynamics for all the characters in that field.
Daya & Bennett brought upon some raw material that was pretty damn honest.
Nicky's exit seemed highly forced.
Lorna finding a boyfriend had humorous moments.
Sophia & Gloria's feud didn't really no where to go but i think season 4 will expand upon a friendship of sort being built.
But in my opinion the best parts of the season was the friendship of Boo & Pennsatucky.Pennsatucky became a protagonist in season 2 and it was solidified here plus Boo had more material than ever to work with.  It dealt with some good moments of life and some terrible events, revenge & acceptance. 

My prediction for season 4 is now that the main characters all shared in a bonding moment at the end and a bunch of newbies showed up, i think their will be a turf war of sorts old vs new.

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