Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pixels: Or How i Learned to Stop Post Modernly Bashing Adam Sandler


     Like many kids born in the 80's raised in the 90's i had a diet of Adam Sandler growing up, i loved his stuff on SNL, mainly via reruns, and seeing his movies in the theatre became the norm.....atleast for a tad bit. Bit parts in Shakes the Clown & Coneheads were the norm for SNL cast members & alumni, but Airheads really helped him out, giving a decent size role. After that, the Sandler revolution was on, Billy Madison was a staple 20 years ago, though saying it ages well it up for debate, i still enjoy Happy Gilmore, and i think the Wedding Singer is underrated as hell. At that time my self & childhood/preteen chums would see stuff like The Waterboy, Big Daddy & Little Nicky would get our money, even if the end result wound up being shit. Those films, in my opinion are still passable, no hate being rushed at them. Then the 00's hit, most of his vehicles were garbage, they were either dull trying to be crude(Anger Management), or crude trying to have a good message(Chuck & Larry). The films he produced were awful, Rob Schneider is a Stapler, derp derp derpy derp, some were enjoyable, like Grandma's Boy, but no one would call that cinematic gold.
           The man can work in good films, mainly Punch Drunk Love, but when he signed on to be the lead in Funny People i thought, okay, this will show the dark life of a comedian, sadly it wasnt, plus the film poked fun at his more shitty films, thus me thinking at the time, cool he is going to go a new route and not star in these films anymore......erm Jack & Jill anyone, which to be fair i haven't seen. In fact most films with his name on it i avoid like the plague, then a film was announced that i had to see. Pixels, now Pixels is not perfect at all, in fact most of the humor is awful, but Josh Gad & Peter Dinklage get the best lines, or rather they know how to deliver their lines. As i have said it is not perfect at all but i believe alot of people are hating it just because Sandler is in it, or more so because it is a Happy Maddison Production, hell i know plenty of gamers refusing to see it for that reason alone. See it for yourself, perhaps smoke a bowl first, that or just wait for dvd, and smoke a bowl first, or fuck it, stream it....and smoke a bowl first. It isn't nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be.Accept that Sandler makes shit, his demographic is the masses not cinephiles, don't act like your childhood is raped because of the arcade games being featured, it's a popcorn flick, he has done far worse cinematic crimes and their have been far worse rapes on video games in film.


  1. Haha you've sold me. I'll take a mediocre Sandler movie happily now.

  2. Mediocre indeed but that is a compliment for him lol

  3. Mediocre indeed but that is a compliment for him lol