Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Overnight

I am a fan of the Duplass brothers, the films they direct, the films they star in & the films they produce. This here is one of their productions, from Patrick Brice, the director of Creep. The dude shows range in hopping genres but he maintains a slight level of being unnerved in this one.
The film is about Alex & Emily(Adam Scott & Taylor Schilling) a couple that just moved to LA, their kid RJ is playing with Max, Max's dad Kurt(Jason Schwartzman) introduces himself  and invites them over for dinner with his wife Charlotte(Judith Godreche). They drink, eat & soon are tossed into a world they weren't expecting.
The film deals with swinging, drugs, affairs, bi curiosity, sexual inadequacy and finding one's self then accepting one's self. Alex(i find it funny Taylor Schilling is yet again with another Alex) has a body problem, Emily has only been with one person sexually, Kurt & Charlotte and happy yet unsatisfied. Alex & Emily seem to be stuck in college, Kurt & Charlotte are pretty much your typical rich hipsters, yet ones that can poke fun at being them.
I quite enjoyed this, it was charming yet dark at times, and very awkward, the awkward moments work really well and get good laughs.

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