Sunday, July 26, 2015


So i used to loathe SyFy movies, insert some animal here vs animal here, but in the past few years Asylum, another company i used to loathe has been making them fun. Now Asylum did not make Lavalantula however SyFy has been figuring out how to make fun flicks the same time. It helps that this is directed by Mike Mendez director of the brilliant horror film the Convent. This film is full of meta humor, cameos that actually are awesome(Leigh Whannell, Ian Ziering), references that feel like love letters(Predator, Jurassic Park) plus a mini Police Academy reunion. Steve Guttenberg chews the scenery & owns this role, it is over the top, fun, and a great flick to watch with your fellow cinephiles and drink some beers to, hell mock it if you want or just drink, watch & have fun. It is not a so bad it is good movie, it is a self aware monster film that i wouldn't mind watching again. Hell had this been a film i paid to see in  theatres, i would not have been disappointed. If more of these monster flicks are this meta and fun then we are on a good road for the future, at one time i would have passed on directing a film like this, now a days, sign me up!

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