Sunday, July 19, 2015

Judd Apatow Films Ranked

For 10 years Judd Apatow has been directing feature films, and while his glory days of producing every comedy may be behind him as his crew of actors & writers became producers & directors themselves his latest film shows that his days of helming projects is not over by a long shot.

1. The 40 Year Old Virgin
Ten years ago this film brought Steve Carrell, Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd to huge levels of mainstream attention, sure they had been in films that were hits & some folks knew the actors but this broke the glass ceiling, it also helped bring back the R rated comedy to summer blockbusters. Apatow used great forms of improv with his cast and multiple takes to craft a raunchy, hilarious & touching film.

2. Knocked Up
This is around the time Judd started producing Superbad, Pineapple Express, ect, Where s those films kept the touchign aspects along with the raunch & hilarity Apatow's own films became ROMCOMS for huys, this film is written/directed by anyone else would have been sappy & dull, but Judd injects his own style into it perfectly.

3. Trainwreck
His latest he didn't write and he trimmed down the run time and pacing issues but he gave us a film about a characters that can be quite a cunt but made us connect with her. Bill Hader's character is super relatable in this, many of us have been in his situation. John Cena & LeBron James steal their scenes, they have perfect comedic timing, especially Cena. I loved getting Dave Attell & Colin Quinn in a film like this, Attell is just a hobo recurring character but Quinn gets alot of time to do great work in his role. Some scenes & cameos don't make sense(the intervention scene with Matthew Broderick) but the film is easily his best in 8 years.

4. This is 40
He took characters from Knocked Up and built a more serious story around them, Paul Rudd is perfect in it but it isn't the most memorable film of his. Pacing issues definitely hold this film down from being better than it could be, which has been the case with all his films but this(and Funny People) are the top offenders.

5. Funny People
He tried to make a film that shows how tough life on the road can be for a comedian(but was out done by Louie) and a full at the heart strings cancer film(was out done by 50/50). The films features unlikable characters and can be quite dull at parts. I thought the fact that Adam Sandler poked fun at his films was going to be a call to arms and he would step up his game, sadly he didn't(though Pixels looks awesome)

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