Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wayward Pines

M Night Shyamalan gets alot of shit, his haters are strong, and while i may not be a massive fan, i still enjoy his work. Everyone thinks he peaked with The Sixth Sense but most cinephiles are in agreement his best work is Unbreakable, his next few were spotty with Signs being the only one that seems to not get hate, but as soon as the Happening was released all gloves were off.  The Last Airebender was torn apart by anime fans, Devil(which he didn't direct) was never given the light of day,and After Earth was known as the weak version of Oblivion. His latest film is out next month but the man just had Wayward Pines on Fox, and i dug the show.

It starts off with a Lost esque shot of an eyeball and a man waking up in the forest but it had a great conspiracy factor the entire time. Certain elements felt contrived as hell for sure and some plot points felt like they were making it up as it went along but hey they shoved three books into one season plus the show kept a good tense build up, so neither are a major flaw, plus the acting was good, Terrence Howard was menacing as hell, he did a great job, as did everyone else, and i loved seeing Matt Dillon get a good role, Toby Jones is on a roll plus you had the bombshell trio of Juliette Lewis, Carla Gugino and best of all the goddess that is Shannyn Sossamon. The last few episodes were really damn good, and the finale i applaud, i applaud the death of a certain character since the heroes never die, i applaud the Twilight Zone/Vintage Shyamalan ending of dread. I keep reading people that want a second season, i for one say let it be, it is a perfect non traditional ending.The show feels inspired but Lost, Twin Peaks & The X Files and winds up featuring a very Chud meets I Am Legend like monsters, and it is awesome!

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