Friday, July 29, 2016

Cabin Fever.....yep, it is basically the original

So the original Cabin Fever was released to theatres 13 years ago, and has had a underrated sequel and a terrible sequel, now we get the remake. To review this film poorly would look bad upon the original as this is basically that, only not as well crafted. The first scene is the same, then we get a Shinning shot & music, so i thought, hmm perhaps this will be a cool misunderstood horror love letter. Nope, nope it wasn't, the rest of the film is the original only with terrible acting and a lot of rushed scenes. Shot for shot is awful, don't do it, do something different with it, that or wait 30 years, oh wait, it didn't work for Psycho so it will not work here. The original had douchebag characters but atleast it was of the time and you could get behind Rider Strong being one of us, that and small parts like those of Giuseppe Andrews & Eli Roth were memorable cameos & characters. Strong's character is a douche here, and highly idiotic, i blame the actor), Andrew's is gender flipped but doesn't pack the punch, Roth's character here is an embarrassment, and all the weed talk feels out of place. The rednecks are awful, like they are rushing their lines and not sure what film they are in. The pancakes kid, what the fuck, you turned a weird character into a rushed ploy. I hated this movie, i had the original on at the same time to check out how close they were.....pretty damn close, really fucking close, close, close is what i will say, few tweeks here & there, but not good tweeks, tweeks for the worse. Just watch the original, it was a breath of fresh air for a 15 year old back in the day, this one is like someone said, hey, lets make a fan film remake of that, only we blow dogs for quarters so we will fail, and hey, i get it, i have failed in film, but fuck, no, just no, All the "shocks" we have seen, all the tits we expected, we knew who lived and died, and sure, the end is not the same, but the end is just it, and end, nothing weird like the original., and that stinger, what purpose did it serve? Who was taking all those pics? Is there now a man hunter for not Rider Stronger? Hopefully we will not find out in a sequel.

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