Saturday, July 9, 2016

Swiss Army Man

Wow, just wow, holy hell is this an amazing film, on paper it is a macabre Cast Away, and it is at times, but with more brains than said film, in the wrong hands it could have been a juvenile idea, but instead it has more hearth than any film this year. Paul Dano yet again delivers  a fantastic performance, Daniel Radcliffe again shows that he is not Harry Potter. The bond these two form is scary yet touching, Dano's characters past is sad yet not, it makes you think that our own lives aren't so terrible. The film shows the gems & treasures of life, whether it be bonds, conversation, dancing, Jurassic Park or just being free in nature. There is a whole world out there, explore it, don't be afraid to talk to someone, embrace being weird. This is easily on my top 5 of the year so far, this film is inspiring in life and for filmmakers everywhere, yet that is the sadness, that many of us haven't made a great film, and if we did, it would not be as great as this!

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