Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ghostbuster(2016) AKA Stop Hating on Remakes

So here it is, the film that many of us have been bashing for a couple years, for some it was a bitter old remakes are awful cars, others used the feminism is wrong scenario, for me the trailer looked awful and unfunny, in fact the humor felt forced and un organic like in the originals. You know what, i was partially correct, alot of the jokes fall flat, atleast in the first part, but i will say this, Kristen Wiig eases into the Venkman esque character, starting off rather square and becoming an awkward flirt and doesn't force it, Mellisa McCarthy is not annoying as shit as she usually is, Leslie Jones didn't get on my nerves like she did in the trailer, Kate McKinnon steals her scenes, and is a total babe, Chris Hemsworth is her only competition, the dude rocks it and has perfect comedic timing. The cameos were all awesome, the effects were well done, the story is fun, the film is fun, in fact it may be on par with the second one, which i like, i know many hate that aswell.

Speaking of the sequel, people think this remake is pissing on their childhood, just as many said the same thing after watching the second one, and also, how is ones childhood ruined, did the original mean that much? It meant alot to me, if i hated it, oh well, i still had the original, fuck the remake, but alas it was fun, alot of fun. Those that are against women in lead roles can fuck off, be more open minded, those that found the trailer unfunny, hey, so did I, guess what, i enjoyed it. Now i am not saying if you see it, you will like it, as i said a lot of the jokes fall flat, so that is a valid reason, but if you go into it wanting to hate it or bring up stupid reasons for hating it, maybe you are just bitter? Cause i notice alot that hate on remakes just to hate on them, when in fact, many remakes are pretty damn awesome! Sure most are not the Thing, the Fly or Invasion of the Body Snatchers(the three remakes to top the originals) but most aren't bad. Fuck, look at Dawn of the Dead, George Romero's is on my top 5 favorite films of all time, the remake is pretty kick ass, Halloween, sure it divides many but it is not bad(the sequel is but i respect the ambition), Hills Have Eyes had a kick ass remake, Friday the 13th is fun, hell Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is a reboot and brought us possibly the best comic film of all time. Sure we have crap like Nightmare on Elm ST and Day of the Dead but over all most remakes/reboots are not bad, so don't go into this holding that pussy on a pedestal, there isn't one, you still have the VHS or DVD of the first ones, watch them instead if you want, but don't ruin the fun others might have with this, cause most haters will hate it blindly.

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