Saturday, July 30, 2016


A lot seem to think Nerve on paper is a crappy idea of a film, I found the premise & trailer to be high concept, the film didn't disappoint. The Nerve portion was well done and i like that whomever ran it, was anonymous(wait a minute), but when Nerve gets hacked, it seems a lil weird, like certain aspects don't seem like they need hacking, regardless it is a minor nitpick. The acting is solid, the music is pretty cool, the film reminded me of Unfriended meets Pokemon Go meets Chaturbate meets The Purge meets the Hunger Games. Like if you want a fun flick to watch, that you don't have to think about and has a super fast pace, watch this, don't be a pretentious smug fuck, cause honestly, this is more entertaining than most comic book films this year.


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