Thursday, July 21, 2016

Star Trek Franchise Ranked

This is easily the biggest list thus far, the amount of films in the Star  Trek series is huge! 37 years strong and still amazing!

1. The Wrath of Khan
The mood changed in this film, it was darker than the series and the Motion Picture. THe stakes are high, and the acting sells it. Not only is Ricardo Montalban amazing in the role of Khan but William Shatner delivers his best performance ever! This is a product that needed previous films, not Trek, but Sci Fi in general, without Empire Strikes Back, this film may not have been as awesome, they may have watered it down.

2. Star Trek 2009
This is how you do a reboot, time travel, change lime lines, adjust, start a new! To me every actor represented the characters perfectly except for Uhura ,not saying Zoe Saldana isn't good in the role, just the character doesn't seem like the original, but oh well, Karl Urban steals the show for sure as Bones!

3. The Voyage Home
This one felt like an episode of the series to me, being on Earth, saving Whales, it fits perfectly for a viewing now a days.

4. The Undiscovered Country
To me this was a perfect send off film, a great swan song!

5. Beyond
This was a love letter to Trek, to Leonard Nimoy and was one of the funnest in the franchise. A lot say it looked too bro, fuck that, this was a fun ass summer blockbuster. Many complained about the choice of Justin Lin, to me after seeing it, he was a great choice. he handles action great!

6. The Motion Picture
Is it slow? Yes, but i find it to be oddly inspired by 2001 and they attempted to make a smart sci fi film, and at the core, that is what Trek is,, smart yet simple.

7. THe Search for Spock
Was the end of the second film a cop out? No, it wasn't, they teased it at the end, today it would have been a stinger. Sure a lot of the film is cheesy but i dig it.

8. First Contact
Easily the best of the Next Generation films!

9.  The Final Frontier
Is it the most hated? By many it is, it isn't a good film if you dissect it, but it has its charm.

10. Generations
The swan song from The Undiscovered Country was a lead in to this changing of the guard film, the first Trek i saw in theatres.

11. Insurrection
SO many hate this film, but i think it had some great action sequences.

12. Nemesis
I loathed this film the first time i saw it, then about 3 years ago i stumbled across it on tv, gave is a shot and dug it, it was about 12 years between viewings.

13. Into Darkness
I dug it when i first saw it, but ugh....this film has a terrible pace, plus just flat out admit it is Khan, don't hide it, insult your audience that way.

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