Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

This film is getting some horrid reviews and i don't get it, i found this to be hilarious. Funniest film since The Night Before in my opinion, Zac Efron once again steals the show, the dude ranks up there  with the Rock and Justin Timberlake as a charismatic entertainer that will steal scenes in and demand attention. Adam Devine does his usual Workaholics routine and it works here, Aubrey Plaza isn't her usual brooding character(a character i love, oh April Ludgate, you are perfection) but instead runs with her new role and gets a touchdown. Anna Kendrick(wow, i just LOVE both of these girls) is a quirky weird girl again but a slightly more trashy one, but trash you want to pick up and cherish. Yes the film is full of raunch but like most Rogen joints(yes i know he has nothing to do with it) raucnhy flicks have heart, and this film does. Alot of what Plaza says to Devine at the end hits home to me, and is kind of uplifting in a way. I laughed alot during this flick, i will watch this again and more than likely laugh again. Efron is the man, Plaza & Kendrick are my loves, the film was funny, so yeah, awesome flick, fuck the haters.

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