Sunday, July 31, 2016


I love Preacher, it is amazing, the way it looks, the way it unfolds, the characters, the dialogue, the violence, not the adaptation....oh yeah the Preacher i love is the comic, the show bored the fuck out of me for the most part. I loved the pilot, LOVED it, the second let me down, the third was meh, as were the rest. There was one episode that i enjoyed between the pilot & the finale but it wasn't anything great like the pilot was. The finale was a mess, i respected the ambition of the god stuff, i liked the bleakness of the events following god, hell i even liked the diner scene and the Saint of Killers closing scene, but it wasn't enough to save the season. Will i watch it next season? Who knows, i may watch the premier, but if it sucks i am going to throw in the towel, for sure not super stoked for it, nor did the end leave me wanting more like a finale should.

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