Monday, July 25, 2016

The Killing Joke

I love Batman, he is easily my favorite superhero, and a lot of that has to do with his rogue gallery of villains, most of which is the Joker. I love the Killing Joke comic, i love Alan Moore, his take on it may not be quite like Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns but it is a easy & fast read, dark & twisted, a perfect Joker tale, and one that shows his possible origin, something that has been changed and disputed for decades, people like to say it is a combo of various backstories, some prefer it to be left a secret, but it  shows how tragedy can lead to insanity. A lot of times adaptations, especially direct adaptations like this, can be too direct, other times they barely register as a adaptation, to me this was a damn close version, it wasn't as dark as the comic but i am glad Warner decided to make this, and on top of that release it to theatres. It could open up the doors,because plenty of DC animated films deserve to be released in theatres, they are great, street a head of Marvel in my mind, make them around 90 minutes and release one or two a year, sure this was a Fathom event but baby steps, perhaps next is a legit wide release. It twas not on par with most of the animated Batman flicks but it is still a worthy entry in their library of animated films in general.

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