Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lights Out

Horror shorts alot of times are better than features, especially now a days. Too many feature scrape by the bare minimum and look cheap  & crappy, shorts you can put all your energy into a 20 film or less film and be super effective. The glorious aspect is turning shorts into features, i have attempted and failed, but Lights Out succeeds, the film feels like a short film(and i am not speaking of the run time) as it uses a small cast, few locations and it never really drags. It is a pretty creepy flick, and has pretty solid acting from all involved, the scares are mainly all jump scares that don't lead to danger but when it does it means something, it plays with your mind, much like it would if you thought you legit saw something in the dark. It could have gone the supernatural route but only walked that line, it could have been a slasher but only hinted at it, we got a decent hybrid with a David Fincher ending(if you have seen the film, you will know what Fincher flick i mean)

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