Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sharknado 4

So the first Sharknado i found to be an odd choice for a cultural phenomenon, i mean there were plenty of SyFy movies that could have struck a chord but none did like this. The film itself was fun and bad flick, the second one however was fully aware of itself. To me the second is the best in the series,it knows exactly what film it is and doesn't hold back, the third one, did the same but a lil bit too much. I found that it tried a bit too hard but i rewatched it prior to the latest and found it just as fun as the second, the erm, second time around. I love the cameos of these films, the third ties in with Z Nation, the newest ties in to Lavalantula, and in turn Lavalantula tied into this series, and the sequel to that looks pretty fun too. As for the latest, same ole same ole, which is a good thing, it is exactly what i wanted, blood, jokes, cameos, Seth Rollins yo, references, Christine was cool but Nuke Em High was my highlight...oh hai Lloyd Kaufman! if they do a fifth i hope it is just as balls out if not the most balls out of the bunch, this is a series that could work with escalation.  It attracts actors and celebs, embrace it, let em in, have em play themselves, have em play against type, have em play theur usual shtick, then kill em off, choose one to be featured as a possible main character, kill em off in the final act, have a HUGE name get killed in the first scene. They know their audience, give us dumb yet fun references, but don't go all Scream(the TV series) on it, do it in a unforced way. Let the blood flow, it has been a bloody series already,  let it stain! Hell, put it in theatres and go all out with over the top gore, cause honestly this was more fun that a lot of the shit in theatres at the moment!

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