Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead season 2

Now as everyone knows, Evil Dead 2, amped up from the first one. Gore, gags, everything, now i prefer the first, it is more horror, but i love all in the series. The second season of the series is totally the Evil Dead 2, but unlike the films, i prefer the second to the first. This is pure fan service & horror bliss, splatstick gorgasms, and over the top perfection! Ash vs shit? You got it, Ash vs Deadites from previous films? You got it! The tree of rape? Yep yep! Possessed cars? Hell yes! Hallucinations and evil puppets? It makes sense, and it is awesome! This is the type of show cult fans thrive for! It is more fun than Walking Dead, not stupid like Z Nation, not overly serious like Marvel's shows, not corny like DC's shows, the comedy elements are hilarious, the horror elements and top notch 80's goodness, the type of effects & film(series) that all Evil Dead fans should want. Sure each entry gets less horror and more comedy, but figure it this way, Evil Dead was horror, Evil Dead 2 took the gore and ran with it into comedy, Army of Darkness took the comedy and embraced it. The first season was a gift to the fans that wanted a fourth film, and now the second season has proven to be perfection, it takes all the best elements, blends them together and gives us treats for the eyes.  Your screen is painted red, the blood flows more than Game of Thrones and lets the fans get off every episode. You want a stub job, you want to be fucked by a chainsaw? Whatever your thing is.....yeah, i don't know, roll with it, then this show will make sure you cum, and when you cum, it will not be white, it will be red, actually it would probably be green mucus, but still bloody green mucus. This is true nerd tv, it has been fucking perfect! Oh and the music the season ends on? Fantastic!

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