Wednesday, December 28, 2016


What could have been, what could have been. I was not a big fan of the Stephen King novel, but loved the premise. When Eli Roth was going to direct it i was super stoked, beyond stoked, i had faith in Eli to direct a kick ass flick. Then it went in to production, with a good cast, but it felt rushed, as if they made it just to make it, and release it with no fan fair. Had Eli wound up directing it, it would have fit in with his recent efforts of films being low key, but he would have given it that extra touch. The film, has no touch, it is a forgettable, slowly paced film that lacks vision and heart. Instead of getting a tense film that Eli could have given us, or any other awesome genre director with a vision for that matter, we got a run of the mill film, that feels like a flick that should be straight to video

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