Thursday, December 22, 2016

Passengers *spoilers*


Last month i compared Arrival to The Martian, Interstellar & Gravity as a Sci Fi film released in the fall. While Arrival didn't do to much for me though i was stoked going in, and i will rewatch it sometime to fully grasp it, Passengers i was stoked for but became weary upon reading reviews. Last year in my review for the Martian i mentioned that Gravity & Interstellar both underwhelmed me as i was highly anticipating Alfonso Cuaron & Christopher Nolan  respectively. The Martian i had no hopes for but enjoyed it, now we have Passengers, a film that starts off great, i love Chris Pratt by himself on the spaceship, andi predicted in the trailer that he would wake up Jennifer Lawrence, which he does. While this is going on, it felt creepy, yet i applaud the film for having a morally ambiguous character, he knows what he is doing is wrong, yet does so anyhow. Pratt is great here, Lawrence was a little off at first, but found her groove, the two together have great chemistry. Once she finds out about what he did, the film loses the magic, it gets rushed a bit, especially after Laurence Fishburne is introduced. I don't like the happy ending, well bitter sweet ending, instead of choosing to go back to sleep she decides to live with this creep that woke her up? Fuck that noise, go back to sleep, let Starlord make some more Jackson Pollock paintings. Overall i had a lot of fun with this and i liked how creepy Pratt could be at times, the dude has untapped range, here is hoping he gets eo use those chops in the future!

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