Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Judd Apatow works best on TV, Freaks & Geeks is amazing, Undeclared is just as amazing, Girls is good but i don't love it. In between Undeclared & Girls he became a mega producer, with films such as Superbad & Pineapple Express, and a solid director, now his directorial films needs trimming, they are good but overly long, the films he produces are usually better. However I think around the time he directed Funny People that his films have been lackluster and his productions have been spotty, good, but spotty, but Love is a return to form. Honestly it is the best thing he has produced since Pineapple Express, and it doesn't sound like he was that in charge, Paul Rust, Gus, seems to be the man with the plan, and mabe that is a good thing. The show is hilarious, yet brutal, it shows an overly nice guy, almost too nice, falling for a trainwreck(get it?). Gillian Jacobs plays a total bitch at times, yet i relate to her, the cynical attitude i get, i love it, but i relate to Gus aswell, he is a nerd with passion for his interests, however, holy fuck, does he go into creepy territory at some points(the writer's room scene). It shows how fucked "love" can be and how hook ups consume us. I am a huge trainwreck of a nerd, so i get both characters viewpoints, and but even if you don't, the show is so well made that you will binge it. I wish i had watched it when it started, but alas i was putting it off being disinterested in Apatow, silly me, this show is great!

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