Monday, December 5, 2016

Batman Return of the Caped Crusader

It is no secret i love Batman, i love the comics, the cartoons, the movies, the tv series, i love dark Batman, i love campy Batman, i love the Joker, i love him evil, i love him surfing. I was stoked when the old 1966 Batman series, was getting an animated movie, and it is a gift! It is full of jokes for the fans, it has "cameos" from villains with their actors likenesses such as Vincent Price, it is self aware of it's oh shucks morale, it has various Catwomen, it makes 66 Gotham scared of how Batman can be, and how some assume Nolan's Batman would have become(fascist).  it even knocks that series awful ending, yes i hate the ending to that franchise. It is great having the cast back, i am stoked they are bringing it back again next year with William Shatner as Two Face, if we get more of these i will be happy. Batman's animated films have been great, and this one is the best of the year after the disappointing Killer Joke.

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