Sunday, December 18, 2016

King Cobra

I love porn, there is no doubt about it, i watch it almost daily, and i know porn stars, i know how rough it can be for them. For everyone one that is great, there are some that had terrible times, so do it as a last resort, some do it out of a desperate need for money. King Cobra is a pretty good flick, it helps that i am a James Franco fanboy, but he is great here, it is acting similar to Spring Breakers, different type of character, but the sleaze is there. I still need to see the GOAT, but i hear it is more of the same inspired acting. The story here is basic, dude becomes the biggest thing in porn, gay porn, and then has a falling out with the producer, and in a traditional sense, sit goes south, shit gets nasty. It is rather bleak but a good flick to check out.

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