Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Scream Queens Season 2

The first season of Scream Queens was great, it blurred being over the top with a tongue & cheek approach and had great humor with great gore. The cast was great, the music was awesome, it was fun & fast. Originally planned as an anthology at wasn't supposed to be a direct follow up to season 1, i was stoked for a second season, then upon finding out that it in fact was a direct season to season canon,i was weary, the first was perfectly wrapped up. Season 2, was a cheap follow up, not everyone returned, the plot felt forced, the humor was a lil off, the kills weren't as good, the tongue wasn't in cheek, it was giving us a raspberry, and it wasn't that over the top. The acting became caricature eaque, and the characters themselves were rather bland. The plot sucked, the setting could have been great but disappointed. This season was pretty fucking bad!

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