Friday, December 9, 2016

Office Christmas Party


Mainstream critics, or the critics of the world used to love to hate on horror films, the past few years it seems as though comedy is the new punching bag, some deserve it, films like Paul Blart are pure crap, but then you have stuff like Office Christmas Party, which sure may not be genius and not every joke works, but it get unfairly hated, I laughed enough to warrant it to be funny, and i was entertained throughout. Hell when i rewatch comedies i love, i rarely laugh, only certain films make me laugh again & again, this may not be one of them but point it, i can watch a comedy for pure entertainment purposes. TJ Miller is basically his usual character, as is Jason Bateman, but they play them well as usual and have great chemistry, Jennifer Aniston is a great bitch, Olivia Munn is actually decent in this, and i finally find her hot, Kate McKinnon is on fire this year, Vanessa Bayer is showing chops, Rob Cordry is his usual side chatacter but as usual, does a good job, Abbey Lee from Fury Road & Neon Demon is in a different type of role and it works, Jillian Bell steals the show as she has done in countless films. It may not be like the Night Before and is a new christmas classic but it is a fun watch for sure!

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