Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Map to the Stars

I love David Cronenberg, i thought about doing a best of list for him, but since i waited a year to see the film, i figured i will wait. I prefer old Cronenberg, but i still think all his films are great. His later films, while great, are not quite as enjoyable though, expect Cosmopolis, a underrated gem. Enter Map to the Stars, it is another solid film, however it is is quite tedious at times, and rather dull. I like the character study aspect, and i like how all the characters are shitty, but it doesn't feel like one of his films. Not that there is anything wrong with venturing out, but this one here, just seems to go on & on with  nothing really happening. I usually love films like that, but in this instance, i was bored at times, plus that fire scene, holy fuck, awful effects. I had bought this about a month ago, but wasn't planning on watching it until next year, but i knew that Carrie Fisher was in it, so decided to watch it in her honor. Perhaps i will rewatch this soon and love it, perhaps to celebrate her life, i should have popped in Star Wars.

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