Saturday, December 24, 2016

Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four

Growing up i loved the Fantastic Four, my first Playstation game was a Fantastic 4 game, it kinda sucks now....hell a lot of the Fantastic Four sucks now. The comics are okay, but the cartoon is meh, the characters are kind of lame, and all the movies have sucked. Roger Corman is an inspiration, yet why give a schlocky low budget B movie producer the keys to a Marvel property? This doc explores it. The doc shows how Corman was brought the property, after Troma turned it down, Lloyd Kaufman respected Stan Lee too much to do a low budget version. Mark Ruffalo auditioned, but that is just trivia for you, as the film was a disaster, i have seen it, it is crap, but the real crap was why it was made, to retain rights, rights that went to Fox, a Fox that Avi Arad worked with, a Avi Arad that became top dog over Marvel properties, Marvel properties that went to various studios, various studios that made money, money that Marvel wanted, money that Marvel gained through in house producing, which lead to Disney buying the company. In a round about way, this film, layed out the foundation for Marvel we have today.

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