Sunday, March 7, 2010

Academy & Horror
Yes indeed a horror tribute at the Oscars! Could it be? We'll find out tonight!

Seeing as how this Tonight is the Academy Awards, i felt i should do what i feel were the 10 best films of 2009, not my favorites, but the best! Granted i haven't seen Precious, An Education or the Blind Side.

The Hurt Locker
Remember when war films were great? Remember Apocalypse Now? Platoon? Full Metal Jacket? Paths of Glory? Well somewhere along the line, they began to suck,horribly, and most of the current Iraq War films blew dogs for quarters. Well say hello to Near Dark's Katheryn Bigelow, and her Hurt Locker. Acting is great, the direction is great, cinematography is in your face, and the story is fucking intense. Fuck Avatar, fuck James Cameron, Hurt Locker is where it's at.

Up in the Air
I highly dug Thank You For Smoking, then a year & a half later, i saw Juno. I liked it, but was nothing great, then i sw it on dvd, saw the pretentiousness, saw it a third time, so anoying. It's not a bad film, not at all but the dialogue is asinine, thankfully Jason Retiman's Up In The Air, is brilliant. Now i think Reitman looks alot like Edgar Wright, well i think the editing in UITA is very Wright esque, and i loved it. It's Patrick Batmen without the killing and with a goal of airline flights.

Inglourious Basterds
This was my big boner film of 2009, by that i mean the one i was pumped for all year, it wound up being my 4th favorite film of the year(i saw Black Dynamite a month ago & had to bump Basterds down a noch). It's QT's best film since Pulp Fiction, not a knock on his other films, cause i loved Jackie Brown, loved Kill Bill & loved Death Proof. Plus he didn't make it as an awards film, fuck look at the Hugo Stiglitz intro is so fuckign awesome. Brilliant score, the camera moved so flawlesly, plus Christoph waltz is the shit!

Crazy Heart
Jeff Bridges deserves to win this Sunday, he was great, but Crazy Heart was robbed of a nomination. Great story of a broken down man in the profession he loves, simillar to Funny People(only alot better) and The Wrestler. Colin Ferell is even good in it, add this to In Bruges as Colin's best performacnes.

No it's not a rip off of 2001, simillar wih a man & machine in space, but that's it. SPOILER ALERT...........................Sam Rockwell is a clone, and meets another clone, also Sam Rockwell. HE carries this film, outside of a few seconds of other actors & actresses, it's all Rockwell. Well and Kevin Spacey as Gerty the robot.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Loved the film, second favorite of last year, pure brilliance. Avatar gets nominated but this doesn't? Fuck that, this film uses CGI in a brilliant way, first film to ever do so for me. Thhe message of the film is almost anti cgi aswell!

Brilliantly made comedy, semi John Hughes esque, more in a Career Opurtunities type of way but imo better. It sends you back to a time where fun places still existed, and Marti nStarr is the man is this film, has so much range. he & Franco are the two most verstile of all the Freaks & Geeks!

into temptation
Little seen flick that made a big splash in Omaha. It was only supposed to be here 2 weeks i beileve at our indie art house, but lasted about 6 weeks due to popularity. Simply made but great story, character driven, doesn't take sides plus is genuinly funny.

A Serious Man
Is it the Coen's best? No, not at all? That imo would be No Country for Old Men. Is it their funniest? Is it their most rewatchable? No answer to both of those is the Big Lebowski! But it beautifully shot, small next to no name cast, classic Coen situations too! For those that hated No Country's ending, you'll hate this one's, i loved the ending myself though!

500 Days of Summer
The little film that could of 2009, the Little Miss Juno of 2009, alot better than Juno though, plus it tells how relationships really are, a bitch, atleast it ended on a hopefuly note! Joseph Gordon Levitt is the man, and who doesn't love a random musical number?


  1. Juno was a one watch film.

    Really enjoyed Adventureland, good light refief. Into Temptation I've not heard of but it sounds good. I'll check it out.

  2. My geeked out heart just skipped a beat after reading that BD news post. Still need to see Hurt Locker.