Thursday, March 18, 2010

Film New Round Up Monster Squad Remake:
How can they remake it? It was a love letter to Universal horror, end of discussion, the only films that should be coming out that is a love letter to Universal horror is House of WOlf Man. Fuck remakes, the original is the Goonies of horror films! Platinum Dunes? Really, come on i didn't hate the TCM remake but all their other flicks are horrible.

Predators trailer

IDK about you but i loved the trailer, hopefully it'll kill off the bad taste that was AVP, never saw all of AVP 2 so i wont comment. Ghostbusters 3 News
I say stick with Ivan, give the film the full on touch of the first 2, if Ivan chooses to step down then go for it, but don't force him out of his role. Burton's Adams Family
I love Burton films but i'd rather see him do Dark Shadows, not te mention the Munsters are way better.

Peacock Trailer

Looks pretty good, Murphy is awesome!

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