Saturday, March 13, 2010


So i've been anxiously awaiting Frozen since i read about it, thought it was a unique concept. THen it opened in limited release and reports flooded of people passing out from it's intensity! I had to see it, so i contacted my local art house, but they never booked it, they were supposed to play House of the Devil but never did either. Well today it opened here, at an AMC theatre, but i don't care, i got to see it!

Starts off light hearted with two buddies, the stoner of sorts gloriously named Joe Lynch played by Shawn ICEMAN Ashmore, and the semi more straight man Dan, played by Dawn of the Remakes Kevin Zegers. The two are joined by Dan's girlfriend Parker, played by Emma Bell, trying to get cheap ski lift tickets Parker flirts with the lift jockey, it works & a fun day of snowboarding ensues, except that Joe doesn't liek that Parker isn't that good at snowboarding, so later in the night they wish to do one more run. A hale storm is on the way & the lift is about to close but they sweet talk their way to one more run. While the lift keep leaves to take care of scheduling issues, he tells his replacement who has to piss, that 3 skiers are lift & that is it. Well wouldn't you know it, he spots three skiers, tells the office it's clear & shuts down for the night. Of course leaving are three leads stranded. At first they think it's a mistake, then the lights go out, they believe a worker will come by, one does in the form of Kane Hodder, however he sees noone seeing as how he's in a snowmobile of sorts, even when skies & helmets are thrown at it.

Dan decides to jump for it, crash land & breaks his legs, bone appearing & everything, things get worse when a pack of wolves show up, at first they run away, but soon they come back & eat the shit out of him. Joe decides to climb across the wires that are sharp enough to cut his hands, he makes it to the ladder climbs down but is chased by said wolfpack. Parker is left alone, frostbitten face, hand with a layer of missing skin, and a ski lift about to break off course. Simultaneously as she's about to jump, the lift breaks off, she finds Joe's eaten corpse, and makes it to the road where she is picked up by a man, about to be taken to the hospital.

All in all, i enjoyed it, it built up intensity & made my palms sweat. At first i found the characters douchy but as it progressed i began to dig em. Joe has the best lines & a side plot about being popular with chicks but having no girlfriend(i can kinda relate, plus my name is Joe too!) I do think they could've made the pacing a little longer before they began to ubber freak out, but all in all i reccomend it! Also look for a great cameo by the real Joe Lynch & Adam Green, i totally dug it!

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