Monday, March 29, 2010

Flm news roundup Adam Green
I'm pumped for Hatchet 2, but he said there will be Hatchet 3 and maybe 4, if done with just a fun tone & not taken to seriously i wouldn't mind seeing a new slasher franchise. Godzilla
The last remake was shit, but i love the Toho series so as long as they're involved, it might turn out right. Werewolves Of Reseda
Fun sounding concept, if done right, could be a fun flick, but if done wrong, well i could only shudder. Walking DEad
Not sure what to think of the casting so far, but it's t.v. so i really wont complain too much once the cast is final. Shows usually get actors who've busted their asses in hollywood looking for a break so these may be blessing for some. 6 episodes is cool though, been digging AMC(Breaking Bad) so Walking Dead is promising!

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