Sunday, March 14, 2010

Red Cockroaches

So i was recently handed a film called Red Cockroaches, i wasn't aware of it but was told it was very odd & shot on the cheap, so it's my m.o.! It's not really horror but i've seen it on horror sites while lookign it up, so that good enough for me. Story revolves around a woman from France named Lilly, played by Talia Rubel, her only film role i found out, becoming roommates with Adam, played by Adam Plotch. Things get weird when Lilly & Adam kiss then later on she appears at his fathers grave. He goes to visit his mom Krista, played by Diane Spodarek, who tells him his sister is back, Adam believed his sister was dead, but it winds up she's not and that she is Lilly. Things get tense between Lilly & Adam at their place which leads to arguing, slapping & then sex. The two engage in an incestfull relationship, but like all incest in films, it turns out wrong, what else did you expect? The two quit, hook up again, quit, then hook up again...winds up Adam used to do things to her as a child. Lilly eventually goes to a cruise party with Adam's landlord, who rapes her, meanwhile Adam & his mom begin to bicker about Lilly not being with them in years. One day after fucking each other thir mom comes over, she walks into the bed room and finds out about their shenanigans, she freaks out and Adam chases after her, only for her to slip and land on a mini pyramid and die. Adam & Lilly get in another fight, and then eventually comfort each other in the nude on the couch, all safe until Adams best friend walks in. The two then decide to pack their bags and run for it, a cop chases them and we hear a car crash, end of the film.

That really is it as far as the plot goes, but the style of the film is what to watch. Each cut jumps to a different shot, never revisiting the same one, plus the carry overs from each cut are done in a very unique way. Almost as if David Lynch directed The Room. Not really sure what to make of the film quite yet i think after a second viewing i'll have an exact opinion, but i was entertained by it, and appreciate any film made for under 1 million, it cost 2 thousand. Check it out if you get the opportunity, my uncle found his copy brand new at a Half Priced Books Store.

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