Monday, March 22, 2010

Film News Roundup Scream 4
I like Wes Craven but Scream is not that great of a trilogy, i liked the first one quite a bit but Jamie Kennedy is the only saving grace of part 2, the third one is not worth mentioning. But a fourth is on the rise, i'll check it out but i'm not pumped for it. Frankenweenie
I'm excited for this, i may be gettign sick of 3d films but i love me some stop motions animation, and Burton does it great. Sure it's a remake of one of his shorts, but i plan on turning a couple of my shorts into features, so to me this is still more original than say Adams Family, though i do want to see Dark Shadows eventually. Captain AMerica
Sure the Marvel flicks aren't close to being as good as the Batman films, but they still can be fun. I'm weary on the castign for this, but i've grown to like Evans by default if just because of Sunshine, but the dude is in some upcoming flicks i'm looking forward to, Scott Pilgrim and The Losers, both based on Comic Books, though of course he was in two pieces of shit, The Fantastic Four movies, both based on Comics. Not Another Teen Movie is a guilty pleasure, not based on a comic.


  1. Check the Cap't America short. If they treat it like Saving Private Ryan then they have a smash hit.

    By the way, I hope you're fully on the mend by now...

  2. Awesome shit! The Captain America one is badass! Very much dug the other videos too. A Fight Club sequel would indeed be scary. Plus anythign with Alien, Predator, Terminator & Robocop is great(except the AVP films) as i used to use those sets of figures together all the tiem as a kid.Especially dug the Jason Camp & all the Batman ones.

    Did you like Daredevil? I didn't hate it, i prefer the directors cut myself.

    And yes i'm on the mend!