Sunday, March 28, 2010

Checkout HOllywood Video

So alot of Hollywood Video's are closing their doors, and those that are, have dvd's as low as 1.99 or 5 for $8. I picked up a few myself

Brutal Massacre: Only seen bis, but watched it, found it hillarious. If you love filmmaking & horror, you'll love it.

Toxic Avenger 4: I have them on recorded vhs, only have the first on dvd, now i just need 2 & 3.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance: I love Park Chan Wook, i LOVE Oldboy, i've seen this before & it's great, just need lady Vengeance for my trilogy.

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer: Alot were disapointed, i had a blast, fun practical effects.

Free Enterprise: It's like Clerks meets Swingers, says so on the box. I've had my vhs for almost 10 years, highly enjoyable flick about Trek fans who make horror films.

The Abominable Mr. Phibes: The Tingler: The Fall of the House of Usher: Three great Vincent Price films!

Vulgur: Been trying to find a copy of this for a long time!

Mustang Sally's Horror House: Never seen it but my uncle dug it!

Stranger Than Paradise: One of Jim Jarmusch's best films.

One by my house only has a few days left, so i expect them to get cheaper!


  1. Very very nice, jealous of the classics you wrapped up, I grabbed 8 films for $15 on one of their online specials friday with free shipping, nothing too crazy but TRAILER PARK OF TERROR and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN were among the better grabs

  2. Haha, i remember when Meat Train was in theatres, it was dollar theatres, 50 cent theatres in my case, i bought like 6 tickets for 3 people. Thought i'd make a difference, that extra 1.50 went far lol.