Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thanks to John at Freddy in Space

So a while back i won a contest on Freddy in SPace for a Nerd Core Calender, i never received it so John attempted to contact the company, didn't work out. He told me he'd mail me the cash instead out of his own pocket. I told him it was alright and he could forget it, but he insisted since it was a contest on his blog. Today i received a letter in the mail from him plus a $20 bill aswell as an awesome Prom Night sticker. He didn't have to do that but he did, make sure you check out his awesome blog he's a cool dude!

Also i took a look at the new Horror Hound today and saw a letter from Zach from Z For Zombies. Check out his blog for some of the coolest geek fueled videos & images you can imagine!


  1. What a nice guy! Won Dawn of the Dead remake from his site!

    Good example of the kindness of the horror community.

    Yeah that Z For Zombies, great blog. His Darwking Duck Live Action's brain scarring.

  2. thanks fellas, I'm just trying to b as cool as that Johnny Mortis guy... ;)