Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scott Pillgrim

OK Scott Pilgrim is pretty much my favorite comic book/graphic novel going today. Toss up with that and the Walking Dead. I'm just excited for the Walking Dead series, the Kick Ass film & especially Scott Pilgrim!

I love Edgar Wright i trust him with this film, i love the casting but i'm not at all sold on Michael Cera, sure superbad was great & Arrested Development was brilliant but Cera is always Cera. Jesse Eisenberg is vastly superior in all ways to him. But Scott Pilgrim is the story of Scott Pilgrim, part of SEX BOB-OMB a band, he meets Ramona Flowers, played by my new film crush Marry Elizabeth Winstead, but must defeat her 7 evil ex's as in not all boyfriends, Ramona swings both ways!

The film will differ from the books since the last book isn't even published yet, and Wright has said the two ending will not be the same! Gideon's battle will be the main difference between the two. Of course combining 5 books plus a new ending into 1 film will scrape some of the awesome dialogue from the books but eh, it's mainly a battle style film, i can dig it.

So put aside your Iron Man's & your Spider-Man's, Scott Pilgrim is where it's at, read the books see the film, and be amazed....i just hope the film doesn't disappoint me.


  1. I woulda pegged you a 100 Bullets kinda man. Definitely PREACHER even. Seriously check out Scalped and DMZ.

  2. Oh i love Preacher, Preacher & Sandman.