Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nixon & Hogan Smoke Christmas

First off this screener had a Hack Movies jingle that i flat out loved. Now onto the film, and i was right up my alley.

It begins with Nixon trying to rub one out but christmas carolers keep singing outside his house, he starts talking to Hogan who is taking a bath, the two then decide to toke up. Santa shows up but the pot zombiefies him so our two heroes go on an adventure in taking over for Santa.

A villian is introduced later on name Sasperilla and has intent to take over christmas. Nixon & Hogan have constant run ins with christian fanatics & take their fair share of shits through out the film. Santa has the funniest threesome i've seen, threesome..so yes for those wondering this features some t&a.

I'm usually not one for shit & fart jokes but was laughign my ass off during this film, Sasperilla butt fucks a priest & Santa, men are shot in the face, demons hold christians hostage, horror films are constantly referenced. If you're wonderign where the real review for the film is, well i can't really explain it properly for a review, it's a flick to watch(perhaps under the influence) and just have fun with. It follows classic stoner films mantra by having a mission for our leads, it mixes potty humor with soem pretty damn good dialogue about random shit. Two chicks talking about fucking Santa has never sounded so smart.

I can relate to the filmmakers, they obviously love horror & pot, so i can relate on that level, plus you can tell they had a blast making the flick, it's splatstick comedy, done cheaply, but effectively. I need to see more Hack Movies, cause ihad a blast with this one!

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