Monday, December 28, 2015

Before We Go

If Chris Evans ever tires of being Cpt America, he has a bright future directing! Before We Go is one of the most charming films i have seen in a long time. Simple tale of strangers meeting, cliche tale of one being marries, but this is not a cliche rom com, it is so mush more, you see the characters go from not being fond of one another, to tolerating/hanging for the night, to getting deep with personal info, to being there for one another to blossoming in to something more....okay so a tad cliche but it is so damn charming, well written & well directed that you wont care, the acting is an important part of that, what could be cookie cutter characters are so much more! You begin to legit care for these two, and much like life, the outcome may not be the best but just because two people love each other doesn't always mean they're supposed to be together.....or maybe it does. It is sad & beautiful, an open ending left for the dreamers!

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