Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Leftovers season 2

SO the first season of the Leftovers went by without a lot of fan fare it seemed, i loved it, it was weird and from Damon Lindelof, a man i admire that ran Lost, my favorite show of all time. The second season was AMAZING. This is the sunday night show to watch, not the Walking Dead. This season had several nods to Fight Club with having to harm ones self to rid of your imaginary friend, some Twins Peak esque portions of the town(the whole season felt inspired by it, the death realm was 100% Lynchian) and even a lil bit of Inception for good measure. The character depths and the dynamics with the Guilty Remnant were reminiscent of those with the Others on Lost, they walk a line, good? bad? who knows, plus Kevin's relationship with John is straight out of Lost, we shoot each other but we help each other! THe open ended final is pure brilliance! I hope it is back for season 3!

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