Tuesday, December 1, 2015


For years Metal & Horror have gone arm in arm, more so than almost any other musical genre, save maybe punk. While it is a stereotype that all horror fans are metal heads, quite a few of us are fans of the genre, i love old school classic metal, Black Sabbath is my second favorite band of all time, metal has dark themes and can kick your ass. There have been plenty of horror films to combine the two, but most recently is Deathgasm about a metal band that summons the dead, almost in an Evil Dead style way, only with dildos and vibrators. The gore is all over the place, the characters are likable and it is not cookie cutter like i thought it would be. I have to go back and praise the gore, holy hell i was not expecting it to be this awesome in the effects department. If you are a horror fan, chances are you are aware of this and will check it out, if you are a metal fan, most definitely check it out! This is the perfect flick to play at a midnight theatre, or the perfect film to play in the background at a bar while listening to some great music, or even an awesome party flick!

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