Sunday, December 27, 2015

Noah Baumbach Ranked

This year saw the release of two Noah Bombach films, i was not the most stoked as i was not a fan of Frances Ha, which sucks cause i dug his other titles.

1. While We're Young
This is a pretty personal film for him, plus both Ben Stiller's Josh & Adam Driver's Jamie are both relatable, sometimes more than the other plus it shows how douchey people in the film world can be.

2. Mistress America
I had a passing interest in this but i wish i had seen it in theates, i thought it was fantastic possibly his funniest film!

3. Greenberg
To me this is his best made film!

4. The Squid & the Whale
The film that made me take notice of Noah's work

5. Kicking  & Screaming
To many his best work, i dig it, don't confuse it with the Will Ferrell flick.

6. Margot At the Wedding
Possibly his most underrated.

7. Mr. Jealousy
The film lacks a bit but is still early in his career

8. Highball
See number7

9.Frances Ha
His post modern, mumblecore, too artsy for his own good flick.

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