Monday, December 28, 2015

A Deadly Adoption

Gimmick films have been the rage since Grindhouse, Grindhouse was not perfect at capturing the real vibe of exploitation but it was an awesome double bill of films, but since then plenty of filmmakers have tried to emulate the vibe and some have been fun, others have fallen flat. Will Ferrell has done two gimmick films but not in the grindhouse arena, he did his telemundo film, Casa De Mi Padre, that i liked but would not watch again, and same goes for his Lifetime film A Deadly Adoption, i think if i was a fan of these films(i watch telemundo for fun but with CdmP had been over the top) i would dig his efforts more, now Lifetime can have so bad they're good movies so it is tough to pull a tongue in cheek feature, but he did it, he nailed it, but i think if you are a follower of these films, you may enjoy it more.

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