Sunday, December 27, 2015

David O. Russell Ranked

To me one of the best filmmakers going today is David O. Russell, he has always been solid but in recent years he has become GREAT.

1. Silver Linings Playbook
The themes of the film, both with mental health & love via disconnect speak volumes. It is a bleak yet upbeat film and to me launched Bradley Cooper to great actor status and brought Jennifer Lawrence back to that respect level after X Men & Hunger Games(nothing wrong with either of those either)

2. American Hustle
Probably his best crafted film, it is a Martin Scorsese film not directed by Scorsese!

3. Joy
This film is his most human yet one of his most whimsical!

4. Three Kings
THe film that made me love Russell was this right here, one of the best films of the 90s.

5. I Heart Huckabees
I fell hard for this flick when it came out, it is almost what Wes Anderson & PT Anderson coming together would be like!

6. Spanking the Monkey
This is probably the most Russell of all his film, and being his first it says something, it is odd yet brilliant.

7. Flirting With Disaster
To me his most underrated work, rarely ever talked about for 90s cinema.

8. The FIghter
My least favorite but one of his best, rumors of a sequel were spread but i hope it doesn't happen.

9. Accidental Love
This got alot of hate, i didn't mind it, not his best for sure.

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