Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Trilogy & The Force Awakens

So as we all know Star Wars episode 7 is out this weekend, a film i have been waiting to since i was little, now let me explain i was excited for the prequels but even being 11 i knew Episode 1 was a turd, as was 2 & i have been awaiting the next Star Wars film as long as i can remember. The continuation of the saga, not the beginning of it, especially a beginning that is so awful. Episode 1 has a great score, a great pod race & a great handicap match lightsaber duel....but the films is dull & poorly written. Episode 2 has Anakin not as a great Jedi but instead a whiny, creepy lil bitch, atleast the final battle was cool and Yoda was a badass. Episode 3, the "best" of the trilogy, ugh, not for me, what should have been a grand heel turn instead was a whiny little brat getting burned and screaming NOOOOOO, fuck that noise. THe extended universe is where is was at, video games, comics, books, i had em, i played em, i read em, i loved em, I still have many of the games & books, i still buy Star Wars comics, don't get me started on THE STAR WARS, as i was let down by it but the new Marvel series is amazing! I own many of the figures(boxes upon boxes), some open, some still in the box, aswell as a sub group of R2D2 memorabilia. To say i love Star Wars is an under statement. There have been knock offs, tributes, and footsteps but nothing comes close.  Sure George Lucas might be a whore but Star Wars is a brothel we will all go back to, and now it has new management!. You can not go on to social networking without seeing a Star Wars post, i am guilty of this, you can not walk through a store without seeing it everywhere, and on it overkill? Yeah, i mean Lucas whored it out, Disney wanted the money train and boom so it began, the clone wars have, or some shit like that, who cares, it is pop culture in "nerd culture" let fans have it, i love seeing it honestly, i thought i might get burned out by now but no the dark side to not lure me in, love is still in my heart. To prepare i watched many docs on the series(Starwoids the People vs George Lucas, Empire of Dreams), Family Guy, Fanboys, relived my favorite Kevin Smith moments, even watched Galaxy of Terror(a SW rip), Spaceballs(a spoof) and THX 1138(Lucas' first sci fi feature), hell why not even do a double bill of JJ Abrams Super 8 & SW star John Boyega's Attack the Block......oh and rewatched the original trilogy, in all its greatness.....and here it is ranked!

1. Empire Strikes Back
The darkest in the series, also the most magical. The imagery is amazing, Cloud City, Degobah, Hoth, the look of the spaceships, the attire, everythign looks great, the peril is better, the exogorth is an amazing scene, the wampas & ton tons looks awesome, the At Ats are incredible, the characters are more fleshed out, and multi layered.Empire had the better ending, i mean Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vaders his father, uh Han gets frozen, taken away by Bobba Fett, it ends on such a down note......sorry for the clerks quote.

2. Star Wars
The one that started it all, the first time i saw these, i was amazed, it gets me nostalgic just thinking about it, i would recreate scenes & redo them, Obi Wan still being alive, riding with Han, taking down Fett & Vader, the film gave people an outlet, and in that outlet came imagination, said imagination is never matched, we all try to but we all fail, the ending was glorious, had there never been a sequel, who knows, this film needed the trilogy for the legacy but the film would still be remembered, even if it flopped it would have become a cult hit, the characters & story are familiar yet with a twist to help usher in a new generation , New Hollywood meets summer blockbuster!

3. Return of the Jedi
Alot hate this entry, i love it, i love the Ewoks even, fuck you they are not Jar Jar, but i love the atmosphere of this one, it is not tonally dark but feels like it is, it is not gritty but feels strangley different, each film feels different, SW is the ground work, Empire is the story, Jedi the conclusion, and what a conclusion it was, not a dull moment, i mean honestly this is a perfect trilogy! If you want pure fun & to pop on a SW flick, this would be the lightest & best option.

Now onto THe Force Awakens, many films have left me underwhelmed, Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men follow up, Gravity, solid film but not what i wanted, same goes for Christopher Nolans's Interstellar, hell it really goes for Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, even Michael Dougherty's Trick R Treat follow up Krampus left me wanting more, but this film here was exactly what i wanted!  This is a film that revitalized SW, you see Episode 1 was so meh and so much other cool shit was happening in 99(wwf, the Matrix, Fight Club) that the saga slipped away, each entry just got worse & worse. Well along comes JJ Abrams, co creator of Lost, he brings on board Lawrence Kasdan of Empire, and they mold the world back to how it should be, fun. This is a film that is almost as if Star Wars & the Empire Strikes Back had a baby, it is equal parts ground work, introducing us to the new characters and equal parts down beat. JJ has balls, i applaud him, as for the new characters, Rey is awesome, a strong female & super cute, Finnis the coming of age character, BB8 will be a great companion to R2D2, Poe will bring new light to the Rogue Squadron Kylo Renn is interesting, i love how he was presented. Luke, Han & Leia.....i loved their parts, can not go into details but it sets up the new films perfectly! i felt like a kid again, and re fell in love with this series, is it better than any of the trilogy, this will be debated for years, did i like it more.....time will tell, nostalgia might hold Jedi up more but in time, this might be my third favorite. No one will forget their first time seeing this, the anticipation,  the build up, this was an event film to the highest power, love it, hate it, you'll never forget it! No film will have this type of buzz for a long ass time, this was lighting in a bottle!

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