Sunday, December 20, 2015

Eli Roth Ranked

This year saw the release of 2 Eli Roth films, his first since 2007, i wish he had done more in between, i am a fan, he is highly underrated.

1. Cabin Fever
Sad to see this is getting remade, it is a great horror film from last decade, it has plenty of splatstick to love, gore, nudity, sex jokes, people will think back on this as a modern horror classic.

2. Hostel
I hate when people say torture porn, perhaps it is the sub genre but it is just based upon extreme cinema, this film had a few decent twists, the pshycho switch of killing off the assumed main character was perfect, and it pushed the envelope for theatrical horror.

3. Hostel 2
Not as much as Hostel 2 did though, switched genders focused more on the elite hunting club members and upped the gore.

4. Green Inferno
I was lucky enough to see this with Roth in attendance, it may not be Cannibal Holocaust but it pushes the envelope even more so for theatrical horror.

5. Knock Knock
Quite the unnerving flick , starts off with some NSA three way action and turns into a creepy flick about girls proving married guys love to cheat.

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