Saturday, December 19, 2015

Steven Spielberg ranked

So i finally saw Bridge of Spies.....i will get to it in a bit, but there is no doubt Spielberg is a brilliant filmmaker, one of the all time greats, but how do his films rank? Here are my favorites!

1. Jurassic Park
The first time i saw it i was in awe, i was only 5 and loved dinos, this film was & is everything for me. One of the last films of his to have that awe inspiring feeling, that magic.

2. Jaws
One of the first summer blockbusters and one of my all time favorite films, it is a perfect film, the acting, the dialogue, the characters, the suspense, the score, hell even the sequels are not bad(not good either but not bad) i watch it about once a year.

3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The year of Star Wars, this is the more artsy of the two, and probably his most heartfelt, a classic in not just sci fi cinema but all cinema.

4. Raiders of the Lost Ark
THe debut of Indiana Jones and one of the best adventure films ever!

5. Ryan
As you will see i am not too hot on alot of his "award" films, this here though is in my opinion one of the best films ever made, easily his best!

6. Temple of Doom
A faster Indiana Jones film, and just as good but the first beats it out mainly for the awe factor.

7. 8. Catch Me if You Can & Twilight Zone
Why are these tied, well i love the Twilight Zone but his segment is not my favorite. As for Catch  Me If You Can, another brilliant "award film" that is not really an award film, criminally underrated!

9. Duel
I wish he did more horror films, super fun flick!

10. The Last Crusade
The last awesome Indiana Jones flick.

11. ET
This is not low, this is a great Spielberg film, the only one that is as close to the heart as Close Encounters, but CLose edges it out for Spielberg's imagination!

Underrated comedy

13. War Horse
I thought this would get more award buzz than it did.

14, Tintin
If only we get a sequel, fun flick!

15. Lost World
Super lackluster sequel but still fun.

16. War of the Worlds
Hated it at first but it grew on me.

17 Lincoln
Great film but rather boring

18. Munich
Solid film but rather boring

18. Terminal
Solid film but un memorable

19. Minority Report
I have tried to like it but it does nothing for me.

20 AI
If only Kubrick had directed it.

21. Schindler's List
Sorry but it bores me

22. Bridge of Spies
Super boring flick.

23. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Not terrible but i have no idea what he was thinking while making this.

24, Something Evil
It has a vision but you can tell he needed a bigger scope for his mind.

25. Hook
I think it is rather overrated with some.

26. Amistad
Boring as fuck

27. Empire of the Sun
See above

28. SUgarland Express
Not memorible

29. Always

30. Color Purple

31. Savage
See Something Evil

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