Sunday, December 20, 2015

Danny Boyle ranked

I finally saw Steve Jobs, i will get to it in a bit but here is how i rank Boyle's films!

1. 28 Days Later
It started the fast zombie craze but it is a great horror film, and made super cheap! I hope he directs the third one!

2. Trainspotting
Possibly the best drug movie ever, great performances based on a great book, bring on the sequel!

3. 127 Hours
One of the most intense theatrical films in recent memory

4. Shallow Grave
These four here i would put as his four best for sure!

5. The Beach
Fuck you i like it

6. A Life Less Ordinary
Underated film

7. Millions
The dude can do every genre, even a kids flick!

8. Sunshine
Underrated sci fi gem with a dash of horror!

9. Trance
I remember i liked it more the first time i saw it.

10. Slumdog Millionaire
His more awardsy esque flick but a damn solid movie.

11. Steve Jobs
Solid film with a great acting performance but it did nothing for me.

12. His tv work, i finally watched, honestly they all ran together for me.

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