Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Scream Queens

Scream Queens i went into not sure what to expect, a part of me hated that Ryan Murphy claimed he was creating a new genre "horror comedy" erm no. Plus fuck Glee, but American Horror Story while spotty had a good foot in the genre door, plus it was on network tv, though Fox gets away with alot, one good thing was it had alot of hotties in it, and the show wound up being....awesome. Was it a satire or a spoof? Maybe a lil of both, it walked a line, a line that got blurred quite a bit, i mean a killer in on the loose and enemies all decide to dance? I can dig it! The show turns the tropes on it's head. Every episode delivered the kills & the humor i wanted in the show, and it was hilarious as fuck and featured damn fine fx!

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