Friday, June 16, 2017

47 Meters Down

Okay, almost one year ago, I said that the Shallows was really good but the ending sucked, and that SyFy ruined sharks cause they were so fun. Along comes 47 Meters Down, a flick that looked like it could on SyFy, nope, the films on SyFy should be in theatres, this should be on tv. I t is not boring, but damn, does Mandy Moore have zero acting ability, she is awful, and the script? What Script? Terrible, awful, some of the most idiotic & exposition driven dialogue ever. If you are going to show blood, atleast go R, come on Entertainment Studio Motion Pictures, yes that is the distributor. I can not wait for Sharknado 5. Give me those anyday, or hell, the Shallows, well...Sharknado! Okay, fine, Jaws!

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