Saturday, June 17, 2017

Orange is the New Black season 5

Damn, 2 years ago i assumed season 5 would be the end, that it would end in, maybe not peace, but with everyone living out the remaining years of prison in a safe environment. Season 4 changed all that, it was my favorite season, but i think season 5, as contrived as it was, may have topped it. The dynamics for the characters were huge, friends butting heads, enemies helping each other, and one of the most intense finales in recent memory. Seeing friends split up, seeing peaceful characters get assaulted, not knowing what the future holds. Where season 6 will take us, is anyones guess, but i am left wanting more. I would love if season 6 is the end, that everyone reunites, but if it ends bleak, i will love it, as the show knows how to handle bleak matter. The show knows what it is, and this season was the fastest paced in my opinion, And my poor Maitza & Flaca got split up, the line "I Love you" was so powerful, followed by the SWAT Team invading the bunker. Great season finale for a great season.

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